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Asbestos Removal
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Asbestos has a long and complicated history. Once revered for many decades in the building and construction industry, thanks to its heat-resistant qualities, asbestos and asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are now notorious for being a significant health risk. 

Protecting your home or business property – and everyone inside – from the hazards of asbestos fibres is vital. With experience in asbestos removal spanning nearly 30 years, Westfield Group UK can provide professional removal in West Sussex for all domestic and commercial properties.

We know the challenges ACMs can bring, so our asbestos services ensure responsible and safe removal and disposal of hazardous waste to protect your health and the environment in full compliance with legal and industry regulations.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a natural, fibrous mineral in various building materials. Typically, these can include insulation, ceiling tiles, roofing sheets, soffit boards, and even floor tiles, which can contain asbestos cement products. Once extensively used when building residential and business properties, asbestos was renowned for its durability and versatility.

What wasn't known until much later was that if these ACMs are disturbed or broken during any renovation or demolition project, tiny airborne fibrils are released, bringing health risks to the lungs when breathed in, including mesothelioma, pleural thickening, lung cancer and asbestos-related diseases, such as asbestosis.

The good news is that when these dangers became more understood, all ACMs were banned in the UK’s construction industry in 1999. The bad news is that ACMs are still inside many domestic or commercial properties built or refurbished before the year 2000.

Why removing asbestos is important

Removing asbestos is essential for public health and safety for businesses across West Sussex. Its safe and timely removal reduces the risk of asbestos-related illnesses, bringing a healthier workforce and community. Additionally, all asbestos removals are legally required to comply with strict safety and asbestos regulations, improving the overall safety and value of residential properties.

Investing in professional asbestos removal services in West Sussex for any commercial or residential property is a proactive measure that protects people and the environment. At Westfield, we’re committed to expertly removing asbestos products in accordance with the health and safety executive, guaranteeing peace of mind for your West Sussex property.

Asbestos removal services in West Sussex

Wesfield Group, a trusted local company in asbestos removal work and asbestos disposal across West Sussex, prioritises thorough procedures to ensure safety. Beginning with an asbestos survey, our experts sample, inspect, and test to assess the extent of asbestos in your premises.

Following this, our asbestos removals are carried out with precision, complying with all hazardous waste and safety regulations. Choosing a local asbestos removal service from Wesfield Group ensures familiarity with the West Sussex area together with all local regulations and environmental policies. And together with our encapsulation services, we also offer complete asbestos management services so we can look after your project from start to finish.

Plus, our quick response times and local availability not only speed the process up for you, but also demonstrate our commitment to prompt, reliable, and safe asbestos waste disposal customised to your specific needs.

Why choose Westfield Group?

For the removal and disposal of asbestos in West Sussex, you need experience. Westfield Group has a team of professionals with over 50 years of practical knowledge in the safe and efficient containment, handling, and disposal of asbestos around the county and across the South Coast.  

With high service standards that comply with all asbestos removal regulations and guidelines on all types of asbestos removal, Westfield is:

Commiting to this compliance gives you complete peace of mind that your project is carried out with all due care and attention, minimising risk, and guaranteeing legal and environmental standards at every stage.

Contact Westfield today for asbestos removal in Portsmouth

Contact us today for a trusted, specialist asbestos removal service with full advice and support on residential, commercial, or public buildings. Call us on 02380 461 450 or email You can also visit us just off J12 on the M3 at Unit B1, 73 Common Road, Chandler's Ford, Southampton, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 1ZD.

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