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Asbestos Services

Asbestos removal in Southampton

After appropriate consultations, including an on‑site meeting, a team of highly‑trained specialists will be at hand to ensure the safe removal of asbestos, whilst the health and safety requirements and regulations are kept in force at all times.

Environmental cleaning can be executed, if necessary. Our service includes a UKAS accredited air monitoring clearance test on closure of each working area; clearance and waste disposal documentation is forwarded promptly.

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Asbestos waste management in Southampton

Westfield Group offers a bespoke asbestos waste collection service, we have a dedicated waste van that can collect asbestos waste from your work premises, home or work site and disposing of the asbestos waste at a registered landfill facility.

Within seven days of the disposal of the asbestos waste at the land fill facility you will be sent a copy of the waste consignment note as your proof that the asbestos waste has been disposed of correctly.

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Asbestos management in Southampton

Whether you have a large housing stock, commercial premises or a single property, we can advise and assist you to manage your changing asbestos needs. We can reduce the risks from asbestos exposure by regularly monitoring for any deterioration. Correct management will also minimise the risk of asbestos disturbance by a third party.

We have extensive experience of partnering and framework agreements with local authorities and various other organisations.

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Asbestos project management in Southampton

Westfield Group UK Ltd can provide expert project management to meet the requirements of our clients, all our site visits, meeting and advice are free of charge including all the administrative works of preparing the risk assessments and method statements.

Westfield Group UK Ltd also have an emergency 24 hour out of hours telephone line which is answered by a senior member of our management team.

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Asbestos encapsulation in Southampton

For asbestos that needs to remain, or is safer to remain in-situ, we can seal the asbestos fibres in an adhesive matrix to prevent their release. The encapsulant creates a membrane over the surface, or penetrates the material and binds its components together. This can then be clearly labelled and placed on to your Asbestos Register.

The Asbestos Register is a document that contains information about asbestos identified within an organisation, or building.

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Soft stripping works in Southampton

Westfield Group UK Ltd also undertake internal soft stripping works such as ceiling, wall and floor removal which replaces the need to employ separate contractors on site.

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