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Complete commercial asbestos management and removal is crucial to reduce the dangers and severe health risks associated with asbestos-containing material (ACM). But it’s often safer for asbestos to remain in place rather than opting for full removal. Westfield Group provides a specialist asbestos encapsulation service, complying with strict asbestos regulations to guarantee effective containment and the highest safety standards for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

What is asbestos encapsulation?


Subject to risk assessments and an asbestos survey, it can often be safer for asbestos to remain in place and prevent accidental disturbance rather than be removed. In these circumstances, the surface treatment of asbestos encapsulation can seal any materials in a durable membrane with relatively little disturbance or allow it to penetrate the material and bind its components together. 


In creating a completely weatherproof surface that can withstand extreme temperatures, asbestos encapsulation prevents the release of dangerous fibres and debris into the environment, reducing the risk of airborne contamination and any associated health risk, including lung cancer, pleural disease, and Mesothelioma.


This approach is a proactive measure that ensures the long-term safety of occupants and the preservation of structures with ACMs, while also minimising the need for an extensive asbestos removal process.


Asbestos encapsulation also means you can update your records of any ACMs identified within your organisation or building and the work done on them, even beyond their useful life. These records will become part of your overall asbestos management plan and asbestos register for the premises.


The advantages of asbestos encapsulation

Asbestos encapsulation offers a range of advantages that make it a preferred option for managing ACMs and asbestos exposure. Most notable is how cost-effective it can be. Unlike complete asbestos removal, encapsulation involves less complex procedures and reduced labour, resulting in lower overall expenses.


This cost-efficiency makes encapsulation a practical choice, especially considering the financial implications of full-scale removal.


Additionally, encapsulation can contribute to the extended lifespan of ACMs.


With a sprayed coating providing a protective layer, encapsulation guards against wear and tear, accidental knocks, and general degradation of asbestos materials. Importantly, encapsulation creates minimal disturbance to occupants during the process, allowing your business to remain fully operational.

Asbestos encapsulation vs asbestos removal

Several factors should be considered when deciding between asbestos encapsulation and asbestos removal. To help manage asbestos effectively, encapsulation is particularly suitable for situations where ACMs are in good condition and not extensively damaged. Buildings with historical significance, where preserving original materials is vital, also benefit from encapsulation.


Additionally, certain situations, where immediate removal isn't practical due to budget constraints or logistical challenges, make encapsulation a sensible and cost-effective solution where it’s safe and appropriate.


Conversely, complete asbestos removal involves the elimination of all damaged asbestos and ACMs, ensuring there’s no remaining risk from asbestos fibres. To manage and remove ACMs this way, while comprehensive, can be considerably more expensive, labour-intensive, and disruptive to staff due to the need for evacuation during the process.


By understanding the distinctions of each method and assessing the condition of ACMs, businesses can make informed choices that align with their safety concerns, budget considerations, and long-term goals.

Why choose Westfield Group?

Westfield Group UK is a trusted choice for asbestos encapsulation services across southern England, delivering efficiency while prioritising safety and structural preservation. Together with the necessary certifications, we have 25 years of experience, are fully licensed, and comply with the strict regulations of the Health and Safety Executive.


Our experienced and qualified team will deliver a fast and effective asbestos encapsulation service using the latest spray-coating methods for totally flexible weatherproof coverage, ensuring your roof remains sealed, watertight, and protected, whatever the weather.


Contact Westfield today

For reliable service and support in asbestos encapsulation for your residential, commercial, or industrial building roof, contact Westfield Group today. Call the team on 02380 461 450, send us a message or email for a thorough assessment, allowing you to make a suitable decision while exploring how we can meet your needs.

Asbestos Encapsulation
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