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When planning any restoration or renovation work to your residential, industrial, or commercial buildings, the word ‘demolition’ can mean whole buildings coming down to start construction from new. But it can have another meaning. Recognising the importance of specialist removal of non-structural elements in buildings, Westfield Group UK has an expert team dedicated to delivering safe and efficient soft strip demolitions tailored to your unique needs.

What is soft strip demolition?

Soft strip demolition is a phase in restoration and renovation projects that means removing non-structural elements within a building. This process differs from traditional demolition and focuses on carefully dismantling interiors while preserving the core structure of the building. 

The significance of soft strip demolition is its ability to prepare a space, removing all interior fixtures and fittings, internal walls and ceilings, and even flooring and floor coverings to ensure a clean space ready for the next renovation phase.

Unlike traditional demolition, soft strip work requires a more careful process to safeguard the integrity of the building and surrounding environment. Following thorough risk assessments, strict safety regulations, and environmental control measures is essential to any soft stripping project to prioritise safety and environmental friendliness in every venture.

Our soft strip demolition services

At Westfield Group, we offer a comprehensive range of soft strip demolition services to meet the needs of our clients. Our expert team is qualified and skilled at handling the process for all residential, industrial, or commercial properties. 

With state-of-the-art tools and cutting-edge techniques, we ensure any soft strip demolition project is carried out efficiently and safely, including the removal of temporary structures.

We understand that every property is different, requiring a custom process. So whether removing interior fixtures, electrical fittings, non-load-bearing partition walls, or internal ceilings, our team approaches each project with precision for responsible demolition, seamlessly integrating with the next of your construction phase plans.

The benefits of professional soft strip demolition services

Choosing professional soft strip demolition services with Westfield offers many benefits for your project. By entrusting the task to our experienced team, you reduce risks associated with structural damage and ensure a secure working environment with a higher safety rate.


A well-executed soft strip lays the groundwork for the success of your entire project, streamlining the construction phases that will follow and minimising unforeseen challenges.

With our efficient demolition processes, we’ll help you stay on schedule and meet your deadlines. Additionally, our services contribute to cost-efficiency by minimising unnecessary damage and waste while avoiding the need to employ separate contractors on-site.

Why choose Westfield for soft strip demolition?

Westfield is a preferred choice for soft strip demolition projects. Backed by years of experience, expertise, and an excellent safety record, our commitment to customer satisfaction shows in our successful projects and positive testimonials from our clients.

We’re fully licensed and ensure our demolition work aligns with eco-friendly practices and the safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials.

By choosing Westfield Group, you’re investing in a partner dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations for your demolition project while prioritising safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Contact Westfield today

For more information on our complete soft strip demolition service or expert advice on asbestos removal for your residential, commercial, or industrial property, contact Westfield Group today. 

Call us on 02380 461 450, send us a message or email, and our team can give you details on what we can do and how we can help with your soft strip demolition needs.

Soft Strip Demolition
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