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With an expert team and state-of-the-art technology, asbestos management for your safety is our top priority. Whether you have housing stock, commercial or industrial premises, or a single property anywhere across southern England, as a licensed contractor, Westfield Group is a specialist in every aspect of asbestos management and compliance.

What are asbestos management services?


Full asbestos management refers to the ongoing deterioration monitoring and management of any building with asbestos-containing materials, from initial survey to complete removal. Westfield Group offers a range of specialist services to handle all asbestos-related issues effectively, with thorough periodic comprehensive inspections, deterioration monitoring, and third-party disturbance checks to identify and assess potential risks in your property to ensure compliance and continued safety.

The benefits of professional asbestos management services


Safeguarding your health and property while ensuring compliance with regulations is crucial when dealing with asbestos. Westfield Group offers you a comprehensive asbestos management service, delivering a range of advantages that promote a secure environment, eliminate risk, and provide complete peace of mind for every building owner, employer, and employee.

Health and safety advantages

By entrusting Westfield Group to manage your asbestos responsibilities, you prioritise the well-being of all stakeholders. Alongside thorough inspections and safe removals, Our expert team carries out extensive asbestos surveys, identifying potential hazards, to minimise possible exposure to harmful asbestos fibres.


Through regular deterioration monitoring, we can ensure ongoing safety, preventing any health risks associated with asbestos, and maintaining a healthy living or working space for everyone involved.

Legal compliance and liability reduction

Every commercial or industrial business will have a duty holder responsible for the maintenance or repair of the premises. If your premises were built or renovated before or during the year 2000, the duty holder will also have legal responsibilities in accordance with the UK asbestos regulations and guidance set out in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012). However, staying compliant with asbestos regulation can be challenging.


Westfield Group stays up-to-date with all relevant laws and requirements, allowing us to deliver a comprehensive plan that aligns with the latest guidance. By trusting us with your asbestos management, you’ll significantly reduce your financial and health & safety liabilities, protect your reputation, and be safe in the knowledge that you’re fully compliant with all relevant asbestos regulation.

Why choose Westfield Group?


With our expertise, Westfield Group UK is a proven and trusted choice for asbestos management services. Alongside our 50 years of experience and the necessary certifications, licenses, and insurance, we follow strict safety and industry regulations at every stage, from any asbestos surveys to complete asbestos removal to manage your liabilities safely. We also carry out UKAS-accredited air testing and bulk sampling services on the closure of each working area to measure exposure.


In cases where our team identify asbestos-containing material which has potential or immediate risks, we can execute safe and efficient asbestos removal procedures. We also hold a 3-year Asbestos Removal License with no conditions, adhering to proper disposal methods and transporting of hazardous waste safely with full waste disposal documentation to licensed facilities.


Together with partnerships and framework agreements with local authorities and other trusted organisations, your asbestos concerns are handled with utmost expertise and diligence. With Westfield Group's expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust your asbestos management needs are in the most capable hands.

Contact Westfield today


For complete asbestos management services for your commercial, industrial or domestic property, contact Westfield Group to discuss your requirements. For your extensive asbestos solution, call the team today on 02380 461 450, send us a message or email and let the experts help you.

Asbestos Management
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