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Asbestos Project Management





















Asbestos, a once commonly used building material, now requires a strategic and thorough approach to its removal from domestic homes and commercial buildings. Westfield Group UK specialise in expert, full-service asbestos project management across southern England, working with any asbestos-containing materials, complying with strict regulations, and safeguarding the health and safety of anyone living or working within a property for complete peace of mind.

What is asbestos project management?


Asbestos project management is a specialised and systematic approach to identifying, assessing, and safely removing ACMs from homes, buildings, and structures. Asbestos, once widely used in construction for its heat, fire-resistant, and insulating properties, is now a serious health risk when disturbed or removed, and its destructive fibres are released into the air and inhaled.

The primary goal of any ACM project management services is to reduce these health risks by having a carefully planned and executed asbestos removal process. Expert project management will give you peace of mind that all asbestos works are undertaken efficiently, correctly, and safely following current best practice.

The key components of asbestos project management

All asbestos project management services carried out by Westfield Group are based on a comprehensive checklist of key components, each playing a crucial role in ensuring the safe and effective removal of asbestos from the site. These can include:

Identification and assessment: Before removing asbestos, we conduct a thorough site assessment to identify areas containing ACMs. We determine the type of ACM present, assess its condition, and evaluate potential risks to occupants and workers.


Custom project planning: Every asbestos removal project requires custom planning considering the site's specific characteristics. We include a detailed timeline, budget considerations, and communication strategies for complete transparency throughout the project.


Safety measures: Safety is paramount in asbestos removal work. Strict safety measures, including protective equipment and containment procedures, are in place across the site to safeguard the health of workers and occupants during the project.


Complete documentation: As part of our project management service, detailed documentation is maintained at every stage. These documents include records of assessments, plans, safety measures, tender documents, regulatory compliance, and your project completion pack.

The benefits of professional asbestos project management

Asbestos is a dangerous material, and any project that involves its removal requires legally complying with all current asbestos regulations. With many legal obstacles, anyone needing to remove asbestos unfamiliar with the process or without knowledge or experience can find it challenging and overwhelming. 


As licensed asbestos removal contractors, Westfield Group offer complete asbestos project management services that guarantee full compliance in every area. With a dedicated asbestos project manager, we prioritise health and safety while minimising risk and providing you with a safe, efficient, and cost-effective operation from assessment to completion for complete peace of mind.

Why choose Westfield Group?

Westfield Group UK has a proven track record in delivering a full range of asbestos project management services across southern England. Alongside our 25 years of experience, we hold all necessary certifications and licenses and comply with rigorous Health and Safety Executive regulations.


With an experienced, qualified team of highly trained and certified professionals, your project manager will understand the complexities involved and handle all the administrative work of preparing the risk assessments and method statements. For your reassurance, we even have an emergency 24-hour out-of-hours telephone line, which a senior member of our management team answers.

Contact Westfield today

For expert advice on our asbestos project management services and more information on our range of asbestos removal services for your residential, commercial, or industrial building, contact Westfield Group today. Call us on 02380 461 450, send us a message or email, and our team can help you get started with your project.

Asbestos Project Management
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